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Bethel Park Chamber of Commerce About Us


Welcome to the Bethel Park Chamber of Commerce.  We are so excited to be back home and to be exclusively supporting our area businesses.  There are so many things that we have planned that will enhance, improve and encourage business growth and development in Bethel Park and our neighboring communities.
We stand on the shoulders of some of the most creative, innovative and successful business owners in Southwestern PA.  Bethel Park, Pennsylvania and its neighboring communities are and will remain the best Municipalities to live, play and work.

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Our mission is… To promote and support a thriving business culture built on credible business and work ethics, a vibrant community with excellent quality of life, a strong educational environment for our children and a desire to enhance, develop and grow our economic base within Bethel Park, as well as reaching out to untapped service areas in our neighboring communities..


Our vision is… To assist our 2900+ businesses by providing them with business resources and a “voice” in local, state and national government, promoting and representing our community and increasing our quality of life throughout the region.


Become a member of the Bethel Park Chamber.  Together we can accomplish anything!!


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