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Bethel Park Chamber of Commerce Emergency Contact Information For Businesses

  This page was designed to assist the Bethel Park Business Community in updating their emergency contact information for the Bethel Park Police Department. This information is essential for the Bethel Park Police Department to provide the best service possible to our local businesses.  

Over the next several months, the Police Department will have volunteers calling on each business, requesting their emergency contact information. Businesses will then be asked to update their information on a yearly basis.

  We appreciate the cooperation of our business partners in this endeavor. We look forward to working with you to provide professional police service to the Bethel Park Business Community.  
  If you have any questions concerning this program, please contact Crime Prevention/Community Resource Officer Thomas Rigatti at 412-831-6800 extension 104 or via email at  
  The following information will be needed to complete the update form.  
  Business Name: Please insert the name of your Business.  
  ID Number: Some businesses in Bethel Park have a business ID on the front door. This number would be in a Bethel Park Police decal. Please insert that number on this line if you have one.  
  Address: Please insert the address of your business here.  
  Address2: Please insert your suite number, apartment number etc. if applicable.  
  Email: If you have an email for your business, or a personal email, please provide that information here. If you have no email address, Please type none in the box, as this is a required field.  
  Business Phone: Please provide the business phone number here.  
  Type of Business: Please insert what type of business you have here. (i.e. Retail, Financial, Restaurant).  
  Fax Number: This is for your business fax number.  
  Alarm Company: Please insert the name of your Alarm Company here.  
  Alarm Type: Please let us know what types of alarms you have. (i.e. Burglary, Fire, Panic).  
  Alarm Company Phone Number: Please insert the phone number here for your alarm company.  
  Emergency Notification Number (Direct Dial #): This number must be able to be answered by a live person or an answering machine in the event we send an automated emergency message through our Community Notification System (Swift Reach). The Swift Reach system will not work with interactive message systems that prompt the caller to select numbers on their keypad. If a number is not provided, your business will not receive these important messages in the event of an emergency.  
  Emergency Contact Information: We need the information of any key holders in your business that will respond at our request if something was to be wrong at your business during off hours. Please provide the persons name, title, home number and cell phone number. Please list the people in the order you would want them called in case of an emergency.  
  BP Police Emergency Contact Form for Businesses – This is a link to the Business Emergency Contact form that can be completed online.  
  This is a printable PDF file form of the Emergency Contact Form that can be copied and completed. If you choose to do the information updates in this manner, Please fax to Officer Rigatti @ 412-851-0519 or you can also mail to:  
  Officer Thomas Rigatti  
  5100 West Library Avenue  
  Bethel Park, PA 15102  

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